Dear colleagues and friends,

I feel happy to invite you to participate in the 12th Delhi Course on Neurointervention to be held from 22th – 25th March 2017. This collaborative effort between Stroke & Neurointervention Foundation (SNIF) and the Department of Neuroradiology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland is a part of the passionate commitment and a mission to advance knowledge and science of understanding of complex and most eloquent organ system, the human nervous system with special emphasis on understanding and practice of neurovascular diseases by minimally invasive Neurointervention/ Neuroendovascular approach in an unbiased manner.

The primary objective of this residential course is to learn and discuss anatomical, biological, embryological, and phylogenetic aspects of various neurovascular diseases and build up a philosophy and knowledge base, a base on which new generation of neurointerventionists and neuroscientists continue to learn for the practice and research field of neurointervention. This course provides an opportunity to learn from the masters through their thought provoking lectures and in depth discussions on the intricacy and technical aspects of the Neurointervention practice.

Generally the participants are from diverse fields of neurosciences including neurology, neurosurgery and neuroradiology making it an apt platform for a detailed discussion from different perspective. The Neuroendovascular technology is advancing pari passu with the advancement of the knowledge base and newer devices are appearing in practice arena making it imperative to understand their advantage and benefits of use in a thoughtful manner. Therefore, we focus equally on the materials and devices and its safe application through conducting hands-on practical material workshops and video workshops.

To achieve an objective of giving a comprehensive and in depth view on the subject we have carved the program and chosen eminent, dedicated, experienced faculty to deliver educational information and discuss with the participants through their vast experience of this filed. We propose you, a high quality of educational contents without binding on time in this course.

Delhi is wonderful in March with flowers blooming all over.

I, on behalf of the faculty, organizing committee of the course and myself, look forward to welcoming you in this course.