12th Delhi Course On Neurointervention
22 - 25 March, 2017

It is a residential course with an objective to learn and discuss anatomical, biological, embryological, and phylogenetic aspects of various neurovascular diseases and build up a philosophy and knowledge base, a base on which new generation of neurointerventionists and neuroscientists continue to learn for the practice and research the field of neurointervention. This course provides an opportunity to learn from the masters through their thought provoking lectures and in depth discussions on the intricacy and technical aspects of the Neurointervention practice.

  • Didactic Lectures 1
  • Video case workshop 2
  • Hands on Material workshop on virtual models 3
  • Practical learning on WorkStations 4
  • Techniques demonstration (in Batches) 5
  • Poster Presentation 6